For Doctors

Prior to the patient’s first visit to our office:

  1. A referral form can be downloaded here. Please fax the completed form to us at (707) 539-2496.
  2. Please also fax any related diagnostic information such as previous biopsy reports, labwork, consultation reports, etc.
  3. If radiographs have been taken related to the patient’s issue, please email them to us at For non-digital radiographs, please have the patient bring them to the appointment. Alternatively, they can be mailed, but please allow sufficient time for them to reach our office in advance of the patient’s appointment.
  4. Patients should bring with them a complete list of the medications they are taking and a list of all physicians currently providing care.
  5. Patients should contact their medical or dental plan, or our office, to ascertain coverage for their visit.
  6. Patients who arrive without this information may incur delays in diagnosis and treatment, repetition of procedures such as re-biopsy, and rescheduling. Please call our office if there are any questions. Thank you.

Oral Medicine

As an Oral Medicine provider, I am here to assist you and your patients with any concerns as to oral lesions, conditions, or diseases. We will assist at whatever level you desire, whether consultation, diagnosis, or management. We will NOT provide general dental care or dental procedures unless you specifically direct us to do so. We offer diagnosis and management services for a variety of oral diseases and conditions, including such conditions as aphthous ulcers, lichen planus, pemphigoid, pre-cancerous lesions, and cancer. We provide biopsy services and arrange for necessary studies. When appropriate, such as with oral cancer, we collaborate with and refer to a number of dental and medical specialists.

Examples of situations where we may be able to assist you include:

  • Patients with oral lesions or conditions
  • Oral diseases such as recurrent aphthous ulcers, lichen planus, pemphigoid, recurrent Herpes infections, etc.
  • Diagnostic dilemmas
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Consultation regarding care for patients who have received or will receive radiation treatment for head/neck cancer
  • Follow observation for patients with histories of oral cancer or dysplasia.
  • General dental care for patients with complex or multiple medical problems. (Please advise us if you wish consultation only, or if you wish us to take over the general dental management.)


Insurance Coverage

Many oral conditions are medical, and can be covered by medical insurance rather than dental plans. We can bill medical insurance, including Medicare, or dental insurance as applicable. PLEASE NOTE: Visits for patients who are covered by HMOs or closed-panel medical plans, such as Kaiser (including Senior Advantage), generally will NOT be covered unless pre-authorization from their primary physician is obtained prior to their appointments.